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Breach of Contract

The success of a business requires that both sides of business transactions can rely on the benefits and provisions of the agreements they have entered into. A breach of contract can have a substantial negative impact on the non-breaching party, affecting a businesses’ liquidity, budgeting, staffing and operations. There are a broad set of responses possible in the event of a breach, and The Markarian Group can advise you on the best course of action. With our decades of experience, we utilize a straight-forward process to ensure disputes are resolved in a professional and efficient manner.

Business Disputes

For many business owners, their businesses are not just valuable assets, they are a reflection of immense pride and endless hard work. Business disputes are not just disruptive, they can be expensive. An unsettled dispute can have dire consequences for businesses in Florida, impairing the closing of a deal, a business’ operations, reputation, along with other risks. The Markarian Group employs key principles and safeguards to avoid business disputes if possible, and the experience to win them soundly and efficiently in Court where necessary.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Our experience and expertise was formed in the courtroom, and in order to achieve a sound result, your adversary needs to know that you have an advocate in your corner that is at home in the courtroom and not afraid to go to trial. At the same time, we know that efforts to resolve disputes are often preferable to protracted litigation. The Markarian Group’s unique Private Judges and Alternative Dispute Resolution options provide private, quiet and completely confidential resolution of disputes.

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Contract Disputes

A business’s success requires that both sides of business transactions can rely on the benefits and provisions of the agreements they have entered into. A contract should document the parties’ intent, address key risks unambiguously and provide ways to decide issues or disputes (e.g. valuations) that might arise in the future. A breach of contract can have a substantial negative impact on the non-breaching party, affecting a businesses’ liquidity, budgeting, staffing and operations.

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Landlord – Tenant Litigation

In addition to negotiating commercial leases, we are aggressive in enforcing them in court. Recovering possession and payment often requires precise technical compliance. We leverage our experience representing both sides of the landlord/tenant equation to ensure favorable and secured outcomes for our clients.

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Civil Appeals

Facing an appeal in Florida can be frustrating, especially when you’ve already gone through extended proceedings. Appellate cases are distinct from initial civil litigation. Upon appeal, it’s essential to work with an experienced Florida appeals attorney. You will need an advocate who has an understanding of both state and federal legal principles in order to show that the trial court should be upheld, or alternatively, that it made a mistake under the law when it rendered its initial decision. The Markarian Group’s wide range of experience in civil and commercial litigation informs its appellate practice and enables our team to provide even more value in appellate representation.

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Partnership Disputes

When individuals enter into a partnership together, the occurrence of a partnership dispute that is serious enough to warrant legal intervention is the furthest thing from their mind. However, disagreements about growth strategies, division of profits, branding and more, often result in disputes that require the help of a legal professional. If you find yourself involved in a partnership dispute in Florida, our experience in guiding partnership dispute will provide you with the legal guidance and support need. We have helped countless partners in businesses develop effective solutions to disagreements and legal disputes.

Divorce Disputes

The Markarian Group provides business representation and guidance to those involved in divorce proceedings involving joint or co-owned businesses. Where concerns as to corporate ownership or misappropriation of funds are serious enough to warrant legal intervention, our unique perspective allows us to provide the advice and assistance you need. We work alongside skilled divorce lawyers to conduct forensic business analysis and investigations, along with in-courtroom counsel, on key business matters involved in a divorce proceeding.

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Real Estate & Ownership Disputes

Our attorneys focus on negotiating and closing real estate deals, writing commercial leases, drafting mortgages and addressing landlord-tenant issues.

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Insurance Disputes

The Markarian Group has vast experience with the many legal issues facing businesses, associations and individuals when dealing with insurance disputes. Dave Markarian has spent decades representing insureds and insurance companies, affording a unique perspective as to the inner workings of insurance companies, how to best resolve conflicts and ensure that insurers properly serve their customers. The firm serves as a trusted advisor on a wide range of insurance issues for a diverse clientele, ranging from businesses and associations of all sizes, to Fortune 100 companies.

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Hurricane and Storm Claims and Disputes

The Markarian Group has gathered years of experience and valuable perspective dealing with insurance disputes confronting businesses, condominium associations and individuals arising as a result of hurricane, storm and wind events. We have accumulated extensive experience representing policy holders to ensure timely rebuilding of facilities and lives, aggressively pursuing litigation where necessary, and building bridges to efficient solutions wherever possible.

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Debt, Debt Collection & Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a significant event in the life of a business and its owner. We specialize in finding the best resolution possible for our clients while protecting their assets and advocating for their interests. We are dedicated to finding amicable solutions that preserve their businesses, their way of life and future potential.

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Chapter 11

Despite putting in a lot of hard work and effort, sometimes businesses fall into financial distress. For organizations that are unable to bounce back and pay off their debts to creditors, Chapter 11 bankruptcy serves to provide some level of financial relief. The attorneys of The Markarian Group understand the complexities of a Chapter 11 filing and are here to help your business through the bankruptcy process.

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Creditor Rights Representation

While bankruptcy laws are mainly meant to protect the debtor, creditors also retain rights under bankruptcy law in these situations. However, if you delay in asserting your rights quickly as a creditor, there is a chance that you can lose them in a bankruptcy case. Our attorneys at The Markarian Group have a proven track record of success representing creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, and we promise to zealously advocate for your rights.

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Chapter 7

Although we try to plan for our financial future as best we can, sometimes events occur that place us into overwhelming debt. With creditors constantly harassing you, it can feel like there is no escape from the insurmountable amount owed; however, Chapter 7 bankruptcy exists to protect debtors from crushing debt and allows for a new financial start. At The Markarian Group our experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys have a successful history of helping clients through the process and can get you the help that you need, too.

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Chapter 12

Back in the 1990s, the agricultural credit crunch sent many farmers and fishermen into bankruptcy, and Chapter 12 was created specifically for the purposes of helping this sector of the workforce escape their extreme debt. Our Chapter 12 bankruptcy attorneys at our office are experts at Chapter 12 bankruptcy proceedings and can help you get the protection that you need from your creditors under the law.

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Chapter 13

Most people face financial hardship at some point in their lives, and for those who owe just a little too much to be able to repay their creditors, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be an option. While some believe that filing for bankruptcy is humiliating or too scary to consider, it is important to know that bankruptcy laws exist to protect debtors from their creditors and unmanageable debt. The attorneys of The Markarian Group understand are here to help you through the bankruptcy process and get you back on your feet financially.

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Debt Management

Not everyone with debt issues can or should file bankruptcy. There are often alternatives to filing bankruptcy and we practice Financial Distress Counseling and Debt Management: programs and protocols designed to help you manage your debt.

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Trustee Representation

Being chosen to represent a bankruptcy trustee requires dedication and the responsibility of handling an incredibly complex matter. The experienced attorneys at the Markarian Group represent bankruptcy trustees so they understand the issues they are confronted with. Our experience representing trustees also gives us particular knowledge of bankruptcy from the trustee’s perspective.