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Business Administration and Licensing

Certain businesses are dependent upon assuring favorable regulatory standing and compliance. We excel in assuring businesses the regulatory headroom they need to thrive. If the success of your business, project or professional endeavor is dependent on permits, licenses or approvals from a Federal, State or local administrative agency, we have the experience and insight to effectively represent your interests and partner with you to achieve your ideal outcome.

Clean & Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a rapidly growing field in our state of Florida and across the country. Our Managing Partner, Dave Markarian has earned his spurs fighting for clean and renewable energy industry before regulatory bodies and in courtrooms across the country for the nation’s leading clean energy companies (NextEra Energy / Florida Power & Light – Fortune 200). Having excelled at legal and policy challenges facing clean energy across the nation and abroad for nearly two decades, we provide our expertise to those seeking both fortune and environmental sustainability in this new frontier.

Government Policy & Advocacy

With years of experience advocating for business issues such as tax, energy, labor, transportation and regulatory policies, our lawyers understand that poorly conceived policies can hinder business success. We are practiced advocates who have appeared before state legislatures, governors, regulatory commissions, Federal agencies, and the U.S. Congress on behalf of our clients. We have the skills and preparation to advocate for your interests as to Federal, State or local policies of concern.

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Insurance Regulation and Disputes

he Markarian Group guides clients through insurance industry regulatory compliance and administrative enforcement actions. Our decades of experience representing insureds and insurance companies affords us a unique perspective as to the inner workings of insurance companies, and the government’s regulatory structures surrounding their operations. The firm serves as a trusted advisor on a wide range of insurance issues for a diverse clientele, ranging from businesses and associations of all sizes, to Fortune 100 companies.

Project Approvals

Across South Florida, our business law attorneys provide strategic counsel and representation before local, state and federal regulatory and governmental authorities. We have a history of engineering regulatory action and solutions across Florida and the nation to ensure win-win outcomes with government regulators, executive agencies, legislatures, NGOs and environmental advocates.

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Representation of Government and Trustees

The Markarian Group provides strategic representation to governmental entities, including election law challenges. We are also called upon to provide representation to bankruptcy trustees and in other administrative matters requiring discretion and trust.