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Creditor Rights Representation

While bankruptcy laws are mainly meant to protect the debtor, creditors also retain rights under bankruptcy law in these situations. However, if you delay in asserting your rights quickly as a creditor, there is a chance that you can lose them in a bankruptcy case. Our attorneys at The Markarian Group have a proven track record of success representing creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, and we promise to zealously advocate for your rights.

Creditors’ Rights in Bankruptcy

When a debtor gives notice that they have filed for bankruptcy, creditors still have rights regarding the debt that they are owed. One of the most common times when creditors’ rights are affected is when the bankruptcy court orders an “automatic stay” for the debtor. This prohibits any creditor from seeking reimbursement for their debts. However, a creditor can still petition the court for relief from the automatic stay with an experienced bankruptcy attorney at their side.

Our Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help

Creditors must deal with a wide variety of legal issues during a bankruptcy proceeding, and our experienced attorneys have successfully managed all of the legal aspects of a case on behalf of our clients. Our office has handled many different types of issues representing creditors in bankruptcy cases, including:

  • Filing motions of relief from an automatic stay;
  • Representing creditors in asset sales;
  • Filing proofs of claim;
  • Representation in meetings of creditors;
  • Litigating preference claims;
  • Negotiating with the bankruptcy trustee;
  • Objecting to debt discharge;
  • Reaffirmation agreements;
  • Negotiating the value of a secured claim;
  • Responding to motions by other parties involved in the bankruptcy;
  • Representation in creditor committee hearings;
  • Preparing plans for reorganization or repayment;
  • Confirming creditor or committee reorganization or repayment plans;
  • Monitoring ongoing bankruptcy cases;

…and other legal services on behalf of the creditors in a bankruptcy case.

Why choose The Markarian Group?

In the event a debtor files for bankruptcy, it does not mean that you will be unable to collect on your debt or that you no longer have rights as a creditor. If you need help collecting an unpaid debt from a debtor, let the experienced creditor representatives at The Markarian Group help. Call the office or contact us today for a confidential review of your claims.