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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our experience and expertise was formed in the courtroom, and in order to achieve a sound result, your adversary needs to know that you have an advocate in your corner that is at home in the courtroom and not afraid to go to trial. At the same time, we know that efforts to resolve disputes are often preferable to protracted litigation. The Markarian Group’s unique Private Judges and Alternative Dispute Resolution options provide private, quiet and completely confidential resolution of disputes.

Resolving disputes through traditional litigation in our court systems is expensive, and can take far too long. Moreover, traditional litigation disputes occur in public and can attract unwanted press and other “negative” attention, upsetting investors and disrupting pending or future deals and acquisitions. To meet the challenges of cost and delay inherent in our court system, and to ensure absolute privacy, The Markarian Group has developed a unique web of recently retired judges, board certified lawyers, and subject matter professionals, including scientists, engineers and others professionals, working together to quickly bring disputes to a close.

Properly designed alternative dispute resolution mechanisms can compare favorably to traditional litigation in terms of cost, while ensuring the confidentiality of the party’s final resolution, and the peace of mind in knowing that in certain unique situations, you can control whether the dispute does or does not become a matter of public record.

While we are highly competent in a courtroom and stand ready to represent and advance your business’ interests in court, we always strive to resolve all business disputes out of court, attempting to achieve win-win outcomes, if possible. We strongly believe that in most cases, resolving disputes out of court is the best thing for the majority of Florida businesses. The Markarian Group’s unique Private Judges and Alternative Dispute Resolution options provide private, quiet and completely confidential resolution of disputes.

Despite taking all the care in the world in drafting and negotiating contracts, disputes inevitably arise in the course of doing business, and some percentage invariably require the assistance of legal counsel and formal legal intervention to resolve. While resolving legal disputes may be an inevitable cost of doing business, we understand your need for resolving matters as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while still ensuring that your rights are protected and best interests are secured. In addition to providing representation in trials, appeals and regulatory matters, we believe in mediation, and other sensible dispute resolution methods – and we have crafted our own unique system that is tailored to the needs each dispute. We believe in the straightest line possible between a problem and the best, most cost-effective solution.

Why choose The Markarian Group?

A business dispute can significantly impair the health of your business and your business’ future operations. When so much is on the line, you need the best attorneys to guide you. Our background and expertise was formed in the courtroom and deepened by a decade serving on “the inside” of a successful, well run Fortune 200 company. That experience causes us to view disputes the way our clients do, considering reputational risk, cost, efficiency and economy at every turn. At The Markarian Group, we have more than 35 years’ of experience representing businesses in myriad disputes, have successfully litigated scores of jury trials and other contested proceedings, in addition to resolving countless disputes before a final verdict. We have also experience representing businesses during the appeals process, and in both state and federal courts. We want to be your go-to for all matters related to your business, and we promise to work hard to protect your business’ assets, interests, and reputation. When you retain our counsel and advice, we help you to make smart decisions that are centered on preventing disputes from happening in the first place, and effectively resolving them if and when they do occur. We are trusted in the communities in which we live, work and practice law, and have the reputation and experience that your business deserves.