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Trustee Representation

Being chosen to represent a bankruptcy trustee requires dedication and the responsibility of handling an incredibly complex matter. The experienced attorneys at the Markarian Group represent bankruptcy trustees so they understand the issues they are confronted with. Our experience representing trustees also gives us particular knowledge of bankruptcy from the trustee’s perspective.

Purpose of a Bankruptcy Trustee

The overall purpose of a bankruptcy trustee is to oversee the process in addition to ensure that both the debtor and creditors’ rights are being upheld. However, depending on the type of bankruptcy filed, the underlying responsibilities of a trustee can vary widely. Trustees are routinely appointed by the Bankruptcy Court in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 petitions.

Why choose The Markarian Group?

An attorney can help the bankruptcy trustee in many different ways, especially if the trustee appointed is not a lawyer. Most importantly, an attorney can assure fiduciary duties are met and help with other issues that arise for trustees, including:

  • Investigating the debtor’s financial status
  • Collecting assets
  • Reviewing creditor claims
  • Representing trustees in court proceedings
  • Preparing fee applications
  • Resolving fee disputes
  • Negotiating litigation or liquidation agreements between the debtor and creditors
  • Resolving objections