What Sets Us Apart

We Use Our Courtroom Experience To Manage Future Risk and Cost

One key to our success is that our background and expertise was formed in the courtroom, where every mistake and miscue is magnified, and lessons are learned the hard way. Our experience in mounting a courtroom defense for nearly every type of mistake and oversight a business can encounter makes us uniquely qualified to develop sensible protocols and processes to guide our clients to avoid legal risk.

We Think And See The World The Way Our Clients Do

Another key to our success is the knowledge and perspective gained from a decade serving on “the inside” of a successful, well run Fortune 200 company (Next Era Energy, Inc., the nation’s leading clean energy company), including serving as a corporate officer with a seat on the Operating Committee. This experience allows us to view risk and consequences from the perspective of the client, the boardroom and the investor, enabling us to further leverage best-in-class tools to protect you.

We Value Economy

We understand there is no line item for litigation in your budget, and if you end up in court, precious resources are being squandered, instead of being used to grow your business or fund your retirement. Our Managing Partner, Dave Markarian, is one of few seasoned business lawyers and litigators who also has experience managing a complex, multi-million-dollar corporate P & L and we are trained to consider risk, cost, efficiency and economy at every turn.

We Mesh Experience with the Next Generation of Legal Minds and Technology

In addition to our years of dedication to the law, we are smart and laser-focused. Our lawyers are talented both in their legal analysis and advocacy, and as writers, each of them having written for their respective Law School’s Law Review publications. Additionally, we embrace technology and efficiency in everything we do, thus providing our clients with a greater value at a lower cost.

We Create Clear Agreements and Enforce Them In Court

We are the rare firm that both crafts agreements for you, and also has the skill and expertise to ensure their enforcement in court. The legal foundation of any business deal should be set forth in simple, clear language that adequately defines key terms and addresses key business risks. Our insistence on clear and enforceable agreements help our clients stay out of the courtroom, but when it is necessary to prevail in court, those carefully crafted agreements ensure our success.

We Successfully Intersect The Worlds of Law, Government and Business

We understand how businesses make money, how public policy can enhance or hinder an industry or business, and how to pursue enactment of public policy that encourages investment and provides a level playing field for businesses to thrive. Rarely do our clients’ challenges exist strictly within law, government, or business. Our experience across these arenas enables us to bring a diverse perspective to solving your multi-faceted problems and challenges.

We’re Guided by Success, Not Revenue

At The Markarian Group, our lawyers have no “billing requirement” or “billing minimum.” Instead, we ask our team to simply bring excellence to everything they do, and win everything they touch. Instead of viewing the law practice in terms of hours billed, our perspective focuses on creating value for you.