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Project Approvals

Across South Florida, our attorneys provide strategic counsel and representation before local, state and federal regulatory and governmental authorities. We have a history of engineering regulatory action and solutions across Florida and the nation to ensure win-win outcomes with government regulators, executive agencies, legislatures, NGOs and environmental advocates. Government agencies at every level impose complex and burdensome regulations on businesses regarding land use, environmental policy and countless other matters. Yet regardless of how complicated these requirements may be, compliance is simply mandatory.

Our firm assists businesses in assuring compliance with

  • Deadlines, submissions and timelines
  • Identify “hidden” regulatory landmines, and less difficult paths to purse in achieving your objectives
  • Risk management strategies and how best to proceed
  • Preparation and filing of permit applications
  • Representation of your interests before the applicable councils, boards and agencies
  • Negotiation of terms of compliance and resolve any outstanding issues efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Pursuit of administrative or judicial remedies needed to achieve a successful outcome

Why choose The Markarian Group?

Whether you are faced with a one-time permitting issue or find yourself in an industry that requires frequent and on-going interaction with local, state and federal regulatory agencies, our attorneys are here to resolve your problems, obtain and maintain compliance, and address your ever-changing needs in the regulatory process.