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It’s Our Privilege

We have the privilege of working for great people, causes and industries. We represent those who are brilliant at business, as well as those with brilliant ideas, that ultimately become great businesses. Each month, we’d like to tell you about one of our great business-partners and friends, and what they’re doing to making our lives better. This month, take a moment to meet Dean and Tracy Ernst, two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and the proprietors of Essential Candy, who make their home in Wellington. Some years ago, due to their desire to help a dear friend overcome the effects of chemotherapy experienced in the wake of cancer, they experimented with batch after batch of variations of concoctions of hard candies infused with CBD, until arriving at just the right formula. After establishing admirable business success, they continue to adhere to their roots – caring for others. A meaningful percentage of every dime they collect is donated and re-purposed for causes that help those with this terrible disease. They call it “Candy With A Purpose.” We say, they do well by doing good. We love them, and hope you’ll check them out here.

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