How to Choose the Right Attorney

Choosing and finding a qualified attorney takes more than a Google search. It takes time, research, and the right questions to ensure you select a lawyer most suitable for your needs. As someone seeking legal representation, it is important to conduct thorough interviews with whomever you consider hiring, preferably in person or via video conferencing.

These considerations are among those important to consider before the interview process:

  • Define and outline your legal needs and the ultimate desired outcome.
  • Identify lawyers that specialize and concentrate in your area of legal needs.
  • Obtain referrals from friends and colleagues.  Talk to those who have experienced the same situation you are facing.

Once you have identified your legal needs and have refined your list of lawyers to interview, the next step would be to prepare for the interviews by crafting a list of questions to help you guide the conversation. Having a plan and asking the right questions will ensure a productive meeting. The following are key questions to consider asking while interviewing a lawyer:

  1. How long have you specialized in this specific area of legal practice? It is important to hire an attorney that specializes and is an expert in the legal areas you are seeking representation. Not all lawyers are created equal. At The Markarian Group, our team is versed in over 10 practice areas, tailoring to all business types and needs.
  2. How long have you practiced law?
  3. What are your familiarities with cases, businesses, and situations similar to mine? Ask for a thorough analysis and case study and know that not every case is the same, so approach this with an open mind.
  4. Besides you, who else from the firm will be involved in our business relationship?
  5. Retainer and Billing. Although not a direct question, it is important to understand how long you will potentially have to retain a lawyer and the billing structure.

In addition to having the right questions, an attorney-client relationship is essential to a successful outcome.  Also, your “gut” instinct can be very important.  Choose a lawyer that is a good match for you and that you feel comfortable with.  Add to that level of comfort the right combination of experience, communication methods, strategy, personality and reputation, in order to ensure you choose wisely.

Finding the right lawyer and team of attorneys can be very case-specific and these questions should provide you with a good start. At The Markarian Group, we offer potential clients no-cost consultation meetings, and we are here to help you weigh your options. Call us today to schedule a consultation call.