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Corporate Counsel

The Markarian Group Business provides strategic counseling, problem solving and corporate governance solutions to drive management of corporate legal issues for companies operating throughout South Florida. Our firm’s focus is on helping companies achieve maximum efficiency in the legal arena, providing high-quality advice and representation while reducing overall legal costs. Whether your needs involve starting a company, better aligning an existing business for new opportunities, or to insulate the business from hard times, our attorneys provide corporate counsel, guidance, planning and insight to help you reach your goals.

The Markarian Group business provides strategic counseling, problem solving and corporate governance solutions to drive management of corporate legal issues for companies operating throughout South Florida. Our firm’s focus is on helping companies achieve maximum efficiency in the legal arena, avoiding legal exposure and expense by thinking ahead.

Every business deserves top notch legal advice and guidance, and as an alternative to in-house legal counsel or General Counsel, we provide business counseling, and drive and manage solutions to corporate legal issues throughout South Florida. We assess risk, ensure that companies’ contracts and agreements protect them and provide high-quality advice and representation while reducing outside legal fees, expenses and overall legal costs.

We do things differently at The Markarian Group.

One key to our success is that our background and expertise was formed in the courtroom, where every corporate mistake and miscue is magnified, and lessons are learned the hard way. Having experience in mounting a courtroom defense for nearly every type of mistake and oversight a business can experience; we are uniquely qualified to develop sensible protocols and processes to guide our clients’ businesses to avoid legal risk.

We apply a simple but critical formula in crafting business agreements to ensure that a judge will properly evaluate and enforce agreements. We believe that the legal foundation of any business deal should be set forth in simple, clear and enforceable agreements that adequately define key terms, address key business risks, and reflect thoughtful collaboration between client and counsel. Our insistence on clear and enforceable agreements help our clients stay out of the courtroom, but when it is necessary to prevail in court, those carefully crafted agreements ensure our success.

Another key to our success is the knowledge and perspective gained from a decade serving on “the inside” of a successful, well run Fortune 200 company (i.e. the nation’s leading clean energy company), which allows us to view risk and consequences from the perspective of the client, the boardroom and the investor, and to use best-in-class tools protect you. We are trained to consider risk, cost, efficiency and economy at every turn.

Business Entity Formation

The type of corporate structure chosen as a foundation for your business (corporation, partnership, limited liability company, etc.) has lasting implications for personal liability, regulation, corporate governance, tax deferral or control, succession or transfer issues, as well as general asset protection. As attorneys who have spent their careers advising healthy companies as well as assisting those in trouble or financial distress, we have a thorough understanding of the intricacies and benefits of proper entity formation. We incorporate efficiently crafted operating agreements, shareholder agreements and by laws and other steps to assure proper observance of corporate formalities. In all but the most technical circumstances, we believe the key legal framework of a business should be lean, sensible and carefully crafted. Our unique perspective allows us to provide the advice and assistance you need to get your business set up right from the start, and put you in the best position to take advantage of your success.

Business, Commercial and Corporate Transactions

A sound business agreement should frame the terms agreed upon between the parties, and assign key risks to the party most able to avoid and absorb them. The experienced business person knows to approach each new transaction with a realistic view of how the business relationship will be wrapped up in the event the business venture or the partnership don’t pan out. In technical business ventures, special care is required to be sure that contractual agreements are so straight forward, (including precise definition of technical terms) that any person, including a judge or jury, can clearly interpret the meaning of every provision. The Markarian Group engages in negotiation, drafting and review of every type of business transaction, including:

  • Purchase, sale or lease of real estate and commercial property
  • Vendor, supplier and service contracts
  • Employment and independent contractor agreements
  • Banking and finance
  • Shareholder and operating agreements
  • Private planning memorandums and subscription agreements
  • NDAs
  • Non-Competition and other restrictive covenant agreements
  • Stock transfer and stock option agreements

Beyond contract formation, our corporate counsel assist in the development and implementation of sensible protocols and processes to guide our clients’ in the monitoring of contracts and business transactions to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and financial benchmarks, and to minimize and avoid risk. Careful, thorough drafting and negotiation, combined with proper corporate oversight and governance help minimize risks and protect your rights in the event disputes do arise.

Annual Check-Ups

Similar to an annual physical at your doctor’s office, we encourage our healthy businesses to check in with us each summer, without charge, to engage in a practice we call: The Annual Check Up.

By ensuring that The Annual Check Up remains free of charge, we get to grab coffee with our clients in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss pending legal issues, to scan for potential issues or ensure corporate compliance, to get ready for a new challenge or opportunity or to discuss long-term strategy. In this manner, our clients know that we’re also invested in their success, and we don’t view them as simply a source of revenue. We have found our client’s response to this unique program to be profound. We’ve been successful in identifying and avoiding risk that prevents litigation, and by reducing our clients’ costs, stress and anxiety. We’ve found that in better aligning our strategic thinking with our clients and fostering a closer relationship, we work together in a spirit of shared trust, commitment and mutual loyalty.

Dispute Resolution

Despite taking all the care in the world in drafting and negotiating contracts, disputes inevitably arise in the course of doing business, and some percentage invariably require the assistance of legal counsel and formal legal intervention to resolve. While resolving legal disputes may be an inevitable cost of doing business, we understand your need for resolving matters as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while still ensuring that your rights are protected and best interests are secured. In addition to providing representation in trials, appeals and regulatory matters, we believe in mediation, and other sensible dispute resolution methods. We believe in the straightest line possible between a problem and the best, most cost-effective solution.

Why choose The Markarian Group?

Our lawyers have a track record of success in guiding companies through litigation assuring more than a billion dollars of investment opportunities and regulatory approvals valued at hundreds of millions of additional dollars. Whether your company has a pressing legal matter or requires day-to-day legal advice and assistance, let our corporate counsel services help you reach your goals. We have offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Vero Beach, Viera, Delray Beach and Miami in order to serve you, along with our secured video conferencing and other technology solutions to assure safe, confidential collaboration. Contact us online to arrange a meeting with one of our dedicated and experienced corporate attorneys.