Contract Creation and Administration

A sound business agreement should frame the terms agreed upon between the parties, and assign key risks to the party most able to avoid and absorb them. The experienced business person knows to approach each new transaction with a realistic view of how the business relationship will be wrapped up in the event the business venture or the partnership doesn’t pan out. In technical business ventures, special care is required to be sure that contractual agreements are straight forward, (including precise definition of technical terms) that any person, including a judge or jury, can clearly interpret the meaning of every provision.

Beyond contract formation, our corporate counsel assists in the development and implementation of sensible protocols and processes to guide our clients’ in the monitoring of contracts and business transactions to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements along with financial benchmarks in order to minimize and avoid risk. Careful, thorough drafting and negotiation, combined with proper corporate oversight and governance help minimize risks and protect your rights in the event disputes do arise.