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Business of the Month

We have the privilege of working for great people, causes and industries. We represent those who are brilliant at business, as well as those with brilliant ideas, that ultimately become great businesses. Each month, we’d like to tell you about one of our great business-partners and friends, and what they’re doing to make our daily lives better.

This month, take a moment to meet Patrick Powell, CEO of AXE Trailers. Located in Boca Raton, AXE is America’s premier heavy haul trailers provider, working with top manufacturers throughout the United States to provide the highest quality trailers in the industry. A fellow Florida State Seminole, Patrick uniquely understands the power of marketing. With an all gas, no brakes attitude, and a modern approach to the truck and trailer industry, AXE has grown from 4 to 20 employees exponentially. His company is changing the business landscape and finding better ways to serve their customers every single day.

We’re big fans of AXE, and hope you’ll check them out here.