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Safe Covid Practices Protect You and Your Business

Shortly after many communities shut down businesses and schools, etc., we were called upon by our business clients to provide them with a safe framework from which to do business. We set out to craft a plan to safeguard the health of business employees and customers, and do so without incurring crippling liabilities.

It’s Our Privilege

We have the privilege of working for great people, causes and industries. We represent those who are brilliant at business, as well as those with brilliant ideas, that ultimately become great businesses.

There’s No Litigation Line Item on Your P & L

I learned then and there that the best approach to minimize legal expense was proper planning, assessment of risk, negotiation of agreements to avoid risk or to have risk borne by the party most appropriate to do so.

Courtroom Experience is Paramount

I recall that the former General Counsel of a major company once confessed to me: …when I was a lawyer in private practice, the idea of attending a deposition made me nauseous, and the idea of appearing in court made me want to throw up. It was the opposite for me.

What Sets Us Apart

At The Markarian Group we push the values and beliefs that we know make the difference in your case, your business, and your life.

Our Promise

Our moniker when we first began the firm was “Business Minded Problem Solving”, believing that even small and medium-sized businesses deserve first class legal work as well as solid and fair legal outcomes, without breaking the bank. Our mission ever since has been to deliver on that pledge.