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Agricultural Law

Legal issues that involve farms and fisheries require special expertise and experience. We have represented farms, citrus groves, nurseries and aquaculture facilities. We understand federal farm lending, land use and subsidy rights, crop financing, and other issues that concern our clients in the agriculture business. Our unique knowledge of PACA claims and defenses allows us to provide legal representation that is uncommon.

  • Farmer and Fisherman bankruptcy
  • PACA issues
  • Aquaculture issues
  • Farm Loan assistance

Agriculture & Aquaculture Rights

What are my rights if a produce broker who owes me money files for bankruptcy? A produce broker who does not pay 100% of PACA protected claims will lose their broker’s license and may not be able to discharge the obligation through bankruptcy. It is imperative that you timely file a proof of claim in the bankruptcy case. If you receive notice that a broker who owes you money for produce has filed for bankruptcy, you should seek the advice of bankruptcy counsel to make sure your rights are protected.

I am a produce broker with a PACA license, can I file for bankruptcy?

Yes you can file for bankruptcy, but you cannot discharge your obligations to produce growers through the bankruptcy. If you do not pay them in full, you will lose your PACA license.